Does the phenomenon seen in this video have a specific name?

Once, on a tv show, I saw someone call it "sand snakes", but I never found a second source to verify people use that designation in everyday life. It could be that the screenwriters wrote that specifically for such a show (I don't remember which it was.)

Some people on the internet call them "sand waves", but sand wave refers to the stationary accretion of sand due to wind.

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I would call them 'saltation streamers', 'aeolian streamers', or just 'streamers'. In geology, the technical term for transport of dry grains of stones, soil, sand, dust, etc, by a stream of wind or water is 'saltation', and 'aeolian' means 'relating to or arising from the action of the wind.'

enter image description here

The physics of wind-blown sand and dust

Sand dunes

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