When I try to write or read it is okay. No problem. I can quitely understand. But when I think about it I get confused a little bit. For example look at the following sentence:

They were supposed to spread the pain around.

It can be understood that by whom this work done. The work done by "They".

As to the sentence I got confused about, it is not obvious that by whom this work done by.

And in recent days, viral misinformation has also spread on the platform.

If this sentence would have been "has also been spread on the platform" I could understand it. What I'm doing wrong and what is the difference?

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Spread can be a transitive verb (with an object) and and intransitive verb (no object).


You must spread the butter on the bread.

They were supposed to spread the pain around (evenly share or distribute it).


The news of the earthquake has spread fast in the country.

An infectious disease can spread widely in a crowded place.

Misinformation has also spread.

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