What's the difference between contact WITH a certain person Vs. contact a certain person? I am not sure about the preposition.

For example, one has sent me a message and I want him to talk about that with my colleague. What's the correct way to tell him that out of the following choices?

"Please, contact with Mr. Jonson"


"Please, contact Mr. Jonson"?

N.b. In the dictionary it isn't clear to me what's the correct one in this context (see 2a and b):

1: to bring into contact 2a: to enter or be in contact with : JOIN The spark contacted the gunpowder. b: to get in communication with Contact your local dealer.

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  • Please contact Mr. Johnson [about or regarding this matter]. [no preposition, direct object].

  • Your contact with Mr. Johnson has been sporadic.


Correct: Please contact Mr. Jonson

"Contact" (as in the question) is a transitive verb. You contact someone. The someone is the object. Do not use "contact with".

However, "contact" can also be used as a noun. In a similar sentence, the noun does require a helper verb and preposition: "Please make contact with Mr. Johnson."

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