The sentence is:

In a statement that had surreal qualities given the surging prices in recent weeks, the group, which includes Russia, said that current fundamentals and the outlook for the future pointed “to a well-balanced market.”

Does is mean that the statement which had surreal qualities is making prices move up and down?

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No, it means that the person reporting the statement finds it incredible.

That person does not believe that the outlook for the market can be described as well-balanced, given the rapid rise in prices.

The comment refers only to the statement and not to any effect that it might have on the market.


'Given' can be used to refer to something we already know.

In a statement that had surreal qualities because of the surging prices...

The writer feels that the statement is surreal because of what we know about the surging prices.



knowing about or considering a particular thing

Given his age, he's a remarkably fast runner.
Given (the fact) that he's had six months to do this, he hasn't made much progress.

Given (Cambridge Dictiionary)

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