Is using "they are" grammatically correct when referencing a singular person? Like for example, "They are going to go to the grocery store". If it's not then is using you're or you are not correct?

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If a male person is going to the grocery store, you can say 'he is going'. If it's a female person you can say 'she is going'. 'He' and 'she' are gender-specific pronouns.

If any of these are true, you can say 'they are going'. 'They' here is used as a singular, non-gender-specific or gender-neutral pronoun:

  • You don't know what sex they are
  • You don't wish to mention their sex
  • Their sex is not important
  • You know that the person does not identify as male or female

If you speak to a person of any sex, you say 'you are' or 'you're'.

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You use “they” absolutely correctly for a single person, in these situations:

  1. The person is quite likely male or female, but you have no idea which. Nobody saw the burglar, but they escaped with $10,000.

  2. The person is quite likely male or female, but it doesn’t matter in what you are saying. One hotel guest caused much damage; they smoked in their room and set the curtains on fire.

  3. We are talking about an abstract person. When a guest arrives, the concierge will pick up their luggage from their car and bring it to their room.

  4. We are talking about a person who for any reason doesn’t want to be classified as “male” or “female”.

Each use is grammatically correct, just like we use the plural “you” for a single person.

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