Is there a difference between the words "humbleness" and "humility", or are they perfectly interchangeable?

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When describing a person and their quality of humility, they are interchangeable. 'Humility' is used far more in literature as this ngram demonstrates. I'm a native British English speaker, and I've personally never encountered the word 'humbleness' in everyday use.

However, one can also describe an inanimate object, or an abstract as being 'humble' - for example, "a humble upbringing", or "the humble sandwich". Such things could not be described as having 'humility' as this is a human trait, so the quality they possess would be "humbleness".

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Yes, there is a difference and so they are not perfectly interchangeable.

For instance, in addition to the shared "personal quality of a modest self-perception" meaning, humbleness can also mean having actual low rank.


"Despite the humbleness of her birth she rose to greatness."

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