He checked on me regularly during my stay to see if I needed anything.

I've been confused of if I needed anything.

Actually needing something has occured in the first place?

Which article can make me understood of this phrase?

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These two sentences describe the same action:

When he came in he asked, "Do you need anything?"
When he came in he asked if I needed anything.

The word see in "to see if I needed anything" means:

Be or become aware of something from observation or from a written or other visual source.

So perhaps he asked, or perhaps he just looked. (And if he saw I had fallen out of bed...)


At any given time, you may need something.

Each time he checked, there was a possibility of you needing something.

For example, maybe he checked at 8 p.m. and you didn't need anything. But at 9 p.m. you wanted to take a shower. He checked and you told him that you needed a clean towel.

Needs change as intentions and situations change.

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