In a work chat someone (a native person) wrote this:

Flip by the Android Community meetup at 12:15pm today to hear about my explorations into different types of Android animations

But I can not find anywhere on the internet that can define Flip by to match this context. Does it really have a special meaning? Can someone show me it in a dictionary that defines this word?

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    The normal expression to use is 'drop by'. D and F are next to each other on the keyboard, and so are I and O, so it is possible that the writer got one of those letters wrong, and 'auto-correct' decided to go for 'flip'.
    – JavaLatte
    Apr 11, 2022 at 23:57

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While it might be an auto-correct error, I note that it is about "android animations", and so I suspect word-play. A flip book is a type of animation made from paper, and "flip" suggests, in a playful way, a single frame of an animation, and so a very short visit.

It's not a regular idiom. If it's not an auto-correct error, then it's something that the writer made up, probably playing with the "animation" theme.

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