I was making a post on a forum about how I feel about people from 1999 debuting in the entertainment industry nowadays.

I wanted to express that It felt like a victory to me/for me(because I was born in the same year and a part of me feels reflected on them) . But I don't know if I should use for me or to me.

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"To me" just emphasizes that it is a personal opinion. It seemed like they had a victory to you, but other people might see things differently. "For me" means the victory belongs to you. You felt like it happened to you. Examples:

This is a really big problem to me.

In my opinion, it's an important issue that needs to be resolved.

This is a really big problem for me.

Depending on the context, it could mean that the problem has a large impact on my life personally, or I am the one who must solve it, or maybe it is an unhealthy behavior that I am doing.

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