I was watching videos on twitch. After one guy say something to one, I heard the guy saying that which sound like "what do you mean one guy that do a full three men". I understand what they were talking about, but that sentence is weird to me that I thought that was grammatically wrong. I mean one part of the sentence, like "that do a " doesn't make sense.

The Twitch clip URL here: https://clips.twitch.tv/CorrectArborealPorcupinePhilosoraptor-sY9knYePzMZXR3lR

  • It's not clear from the clip what they are actually doing! The first speaker says "I don't know how you are in a position to [something] one guy." The second seems to imply that he has to do [whatever it is] to not one, but three men. Apr 20 at 12:55

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The streamer seems surprised by how the player they're addressing was able to die to one guy only.

I think this is what is said:

"How do you even like... I don't know how you even put yourself in a position to die with the one guy."

"What do you mean "one guy"? I died to a full three men!"

It becomes somewhat clearer when you listen to the consequential stream.
Here's a transcription:

"Erm, I, erm, it seemed like it's - the one person was shooting at you."

"No: one guy killed me, but it's a full three men holding us out."

"Yeah, but, that - that's what I'm saying: how are you even - how do you, like, what .. whatever .."

"By the second he was shooting me I'm dead."

"You're at full health and you let one guy one-mag you."

(The OP might know this, but 'to one-mag someone' is to empty your entire weapon's magazine on someone in one go, which in many MMOs is a sure kill.)

  • Wow, I got the answer! Thank you for your explanation and advise that are so valuable and the transcription is so helpful to me. I did"t know this phrase "died to noun" which sounded like "that do" to my ears. But I hear that now.
    – Shota
    Apr 20 at 13:58
  • "one guy one-mag you ' makes sense to me, but I didn't know it as a verb
    – Shota
    Apr 20 at 14:01
  • I listened to the recording a couple more times and although I am still not sure I think your version (I died to a full three men) and not mine (That's your full three men) is the correct one. As a side note, I went for "your" as I was thinking of its use to refer to a typical or particular type of thing. (Your typical rap group, etc.)
    – PPH
    Apr 20 at 14:05
  • Although I thought he said "died to a full three men" without "I , I am not sure whether it is now. Do you mean that "your" is also used except for explaining things that belongs or relates to someone ?
    – Shota
    Apr 20 at 14:54
  • @Joachim Sorry, I thought i send it to PPH. He or she was thinking about the use of "yours" that is a part of "that's your full three men" as he said.
    – Shota
    Apr 20 at 15:07

They are playing a videogame against each other and chatting/bantering at the same time:

It is now clarified by OP that the two players are on the same team.

How do you even like... I don't know how you even put yourself in a position to die with the one guy.

What do you mean one guy? That's your full three men!


"That's your full three men!" is what I though I heard, with the determiner "your" referring to a typical or particular type of thing. (See meaning 3 here.)

However, after reading @Joachim's version (I died to a full three men), I think his makes more sense and is more likely to be correct.

  • To my ears, the word you give as die begins with an s. As in "side with one guy" but not even that. Apr 20 at 13:09
  • Thank for all answers and comments! But I had lack of explanation about their situation. The first speaker is playing with the second one against other three guys. That's why i wonder the second really said "that's your full three men"
    – Shota
    Apr 20 at 13:24
  • @ShotaTakagi ... Is a three-man group typical/common in this sort of video game?
    – PPH
    Apr 20 at 13:42
  • Yes, it is. Exactly you are right.
    – Shota
    Apr 20 at 14:06
  • In that case, there is some justification for my version (That's your full three men = That's the typical three men) but @Joachim's version (I died to a full three men) makes more sense and I think is more likely to be correct.
    – PPH
    Apr 20 at 15:09

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