I am transcribing a podcast to improve my listening skill.

I can't understand what 'with just one pass' means in this context:

Josh: So, Chuck, we’re talking about NATO, and if you didn’t know, if you didn’t know, we’re in trouble. But if you, the listeners, especially the new ones didn’t know, NATO stands for the ‘North Atlantic Treaty Organization’ which is the kind of name that you can make your eyes glaze over with just one pass.

I feel that it means 'immediately' or 'at once'.

Am I wrong?

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"glaze over with just one pass" means that someone bored just scans the name and feels that the name NATO sounds like a normal name. "with just one pass", specifically, means that the person scans it quickly, and does not really come back to read it and understand what it means.

So in a sense, you are sort of right, but read the above paragraph, which I try to make it clearer what it means

scans in this context means to read something quickly without much thought


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