In book Main Street by Lewis Sinclair stay the sentence:

"It ran for eleven months in New York."

Why Author didn't write:

It has been running for eleven months in New York

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We can't tell why the author made that choice. (It is possible that if you quoted more context it would be clearer; but it would not necessarily be.)

Both are fully grammatical and idiomatic.

The use of ran strongly suggests that it is not still running, and probably that it did not close recently, but longer ago.

The use of has been running would suggest that it is still running, or has only just closed.

By the way, your question is not grammatical:

In the book Main Street by Lewis Sinclair there is/appears the sentence:

Why didn't the Author write:


"It ran" means it's over and has been over for a while, maybe. "It has been running" means it is still running. The word author is not capitalized in normal use.

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