I used to work at Google. When I was an employee at Google, I learned how to work efficiently. Now I am not a Google employee.

Example 1

Working at Google taught me how to work efficiently.

Example 2

To work at Google taught me how to work efficiently.


One is gerund and the other is an infinitive phrase. I think Example 1 expresses the meaning. However, I wonder whether Example 2 also expresses the same meaning.

Are both of them acceptable?

  • The first one might be more preferrable
    – DialFrost
    May 2, 2022 at 2:37

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Example 1 is correct. Example 2 is not.

Infinitive phrases, when used as nouns, refer to the concept of something, not the actual thing itself.

While not currently working at Google:

To work at Google/working at Google is my dream job.
I would love to work at Google/working at Google. (both correct, but with slightly different meanings)

In both cases, it could be replaced with a gerund phrase, but if you're talking about something real, like you're actually working there now, you'd have to use a gerund phrase, not the infinitive phrase:

While working at Google:

Working at Google is my dream job.
I love working at Google.

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