In Batman (2022), Batman asks Selina about club:

Batman: Is that where you work?

Selina: No, I just work the bar upstairs. But I see 'em come in.

Batman: Who?

Selina: A lot of guys that shouldn't be there, I can tell you that. Your basic upstanding citizen types.

What does "basic upstanding citizen types" mean?

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    I did answer your last question of "what does this mean" but to be honest, that isn't what the site is meant for. The advice I gave along with my last answer was to break the sentence down. If you break it down, you'll be able to look these words up in a dictionary and get the meaning. Have you tried doing that?
    – Astralbee
    May 11 at 8:16
  • X is your basic Y is a colloquial idiomatic form meaning X is just an ordinary X, with no special additional features. The more "formal" version replaces determiner your with an indefinite article (for singular contexts; in plural contexts as per the example here, the "formal" version simply discards your). May 11 at 10:39

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This is probably sarcasm, as saying that they should not be there and yet saying they are "upstanding citizens" - law abiding citizens/behaving in a good and moral way

So Selina is probably being sarcastic to emphasise how they are not law abiding (not following the law)

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