What is the meaning of "dropped" in the following sentence?

They dropped a report on the scheme. they claim the 4 masterminds atop the weapons network are Mr. A, Mr. B, Mr. C, and Mr. D.

Does "dropped" in the sentence mean "to submit a report on the scheme" ? Or does "dropped" mean "to delete a report on the scheme"?

The content in the image where the word "dropped" is used. (Source: https://americasbestpics.com/picture/no-one-is-reporting-on-this-russian-military-recently-dropped-bzlGHeDY9 )

enter image description here

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    This sentence on its own could mean almost anything. Could you please edit your question to provide more context: either a link to the place where you saw this sentence, or a complete paragraph containing the sentence.
    – JavaLatte
    May 14 at 6:18
  • This sentence is a sentence I made with reference to what I saw when i was googling. I saw it in the image, so now I can't find it even if I search with this sentence I remember. I will try to make a long sentence by remembering the structure of the sentence I saw.
    – user175012
    May 14 at 6:43
  • It seems that the structure and content of the sentences I remember were roughly like this. What does "dropped" in the sentences mean?
    – user175012
    May 14 at 6:51
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    It could mean 'they abandoned the plan to publish a report on the scheme', but without knowing the context it's impossible to be sure. May 14 at 7:37
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    @user175012 Your last question makes little sense without further context. But it's most unlikely that you could interpret it that way. Kate's answer is by far the most probable interpretation. May 14 at 8:20

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No one is reporting on this.... Russian military recently dropped a new finalized report on the entire US Biological weapons scheme... They claim the the 4 masterminds atop the biological weapons network are Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, Joe Biden, and George Soros. As well as 12 other NATO countries knew of and assisted the US in this operation to develop biological weapons.


drop in this context takes the following meaning in Cambridge Dictionary

drop verb (BE/MAKE AVAILABLE) [ I or T ] informal

to become available for people to buy, listen to, or watch, especially using the internet; to make something available like this:

We heard that rapper Dave was about to drop a new album.

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