Consider this hypothetical expression,

My relative is personification of bad vibes. He is always emitting negative energy.

I am looking for a casual idiomatic alternative for the word "emission".

I generally see it in the scientific context; gas emission, emission of energy from an atom etc.

I want to know how a native person would say it.

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    Gives off sounds the most natural to me. May 24, 2022 at 3:49

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"Giving off" or "giving out" are casual.


As a native speaker, I would use "giving out negative energy" or "releasing negative energy".


Depending on your definition of "casual", then the word "ooze" might be a valid option. You can say someone "oozes negativity".

It's "casual" in that it doesn't sound scientific or clinical at all, but it's somewhat likelier to appear in a book or magazine article than in speech, where it can still be used for emphatic effect.

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