This question came in the Dhaka University admission exam 2002-03

Q) It ____ raining since morning

(a) is

(b) was

(c) has been

(d) had been

My question bank says that the answer is (c). An alternative question bank of DU vouches for my question bank, and agrees that the answer is (c). I, however, feel that both (c) and (d) are acceptable.

I did an Ngram query and found both being used.

Are both (c) and (d) correct?

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Yes, you are quite correct. (d) is possible.
As always, the choice depends on the context.

If you are speaking on the day in question,
It has been raining since morning.

But if you were referring back to an event in the past, eg:
it had been raining since morning the day that his car went off the road. (d) is more appropriate.

The examiner is assuming that the answer relates to the day in question and not to a past event.

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