In phrases/Sentences like:

"They gifted the couple a beautiful porcelain Chinese vase"

where the correct adjectvive order suggest that it would be:

"They gifted the couple a beautiful Chinese porcelain vase"

I think in this particular case, the semantic is not altered, right? I mean they both keep the gist right? Also I don't think it would work in every case of reordering adjectives, some reordering would chance the gist right?

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They gifted the couple a beautiful Chinese porcelain vase.

This version works, so why would we want to switch Chinese with porcelain and defy grammatical rules? These two adjectives are at number 7 and 8, respectively, as shown.

1 opinion unusual, lovely, beautiful

2 size big, small, tall

3 physical quality thin, rough, untidy

4 shape round, square, rectangular

5 age young, old, youthful

6 colour blue, red, pink

7 origin Dutch, Japanese, Turkish

8 material metal, wood, plastic

9 type general-purpose, four-sided, U-shaped

10 purpose cleaning, hammering, cooking

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