I learned in this thread "the way/as/how/like he did it. What's the difference?" that we can't use "how" as a conjunction to make a comparison. We have to use "as" instead. For example the sentence:

  • I'll do it as he did it.

Here https://dictionary.cambridge.org/de/worterbuch/englisch/how however, I found the sentence:

  • I don't care about fashion, I dress how I please.

Isn't "how" used as a conjunction to make a comparison in this sentence? Who is wrong/ right?

Thank you in advance!


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"I dress how I please" sounds colloquial to me, but not incorrect (in American English). CGEL p. 1077 gives "I don't like how it looks" as dialectal.


It might be that how is being used as a short version of however, because:

I dress however I want [please].

would be very common.

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