Today I played archery with my friends that I seldom used to play before this, so the context with my friends was :

A: Last time I went there was like 7 years ago

B: Same, I also didn't play for a long time

So I wondered if my usage (didn't play for a long time) was proper and correct since I meant that few years before today I didn't play archery. I hope my text is clear.

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We don't speak of playing archery, but doing or taking part in it. You play sports that take the form of games, like tennis, football or cricket.

You could answer your friend

I haven't done archery for a long time either.

Didn't played and haven't play are both incorrect. You could say

After I left school I didn't play tennis for a long time, but I started again when I moved to [town].

...but if you are starting again today, you can say I haven't played for a long time.

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