The car has been giving me trouble from the start.

How do you simplify this grammar in a simple manner. I know it in advance but a great deal of difficulty teaching it to my mother. I am going to have to be her tutor in a short time.

A million thanks in advance.

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The car gave me trouble on the day I bought it.
It continued to give me trouble from that day on.
It is still giving me trouble today.

It has been giving me trouble since the day I bought it.


This is your third question about teaching your mother. If this is the case, I suggest that you avoid complex sentences which include has been etc. structure. You may make them simple or may switch to colloquial language. This is because here, the purpose is to convey the message and not to proofread the sentence!

Back to the question, again, there could be many ways to say this but I'm telling you my way.

The car is giving me trouble from the day I purchased/bought it.

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