Is it weird nowadays to hear someone saying yea or lo nowadays?


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No. It's not weird to hear someone say these words, but they are mostly considered archaic and rarely heard in everyday speech today, except for perhaps a few expressions where they have survived, such as "lo and behold", or "yea or nay", or when someone is using them for effect perhaps.

Also these words appear in the Christian Bible (especially the King James version), and in Christian hymns - so many people will be familiar with hearing them in religious contexts.


Except in fixed idioms like "lo and behold", these words are archaic and not used except to create a deliberately quaint or biblical style.

Learners should not generally be using archaic words as if they were part of normal vocabulary. That is you should not say "Lo! The supermarket is selling my favourite brand of coffee."

The same applies to "yea", however the closely related "yeah" is very much in common use.

  • Worth pointing out that yea, yay are pronounced differently from yeah, the "h" in yeah maybe be silent but it gives a more slangy look to yea/yay.
    – Mari-Lou A
    Jul 31, 2022 at 17:52

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