The sentence says:

... a man is not always called unjust because he chooses too much but because he chooses too little of the things that simply and considered in themselves are burdensome -- like labors, lack of necessities, and so on.

How do I understand the phrase in this sentence? Which definition of "necessity" is proper?

referring to Lexico:

  • 1 the state of fact of being required
  • 2 an indispensable thing
  • 3.1 a condition that cannot be otherwise

And lack of necessities should be burdensome according to the sentence, right?

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The second definition seems to be correct: "an indispensable thing". That could be food, running water, shelter, etc. As you have noted, the lack of such necessities is burdensome.

  • Thanks for your help!
    – H.Li
    Jun 29, 2022 at 15:27

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