I just came across a mimetic word, "scoot", in a cartoon named "To love and be loved", and found the dictionary definition of it, which is:

"go or leave somewhere quickly"

It doesn't seem to fit in this context, where, the girl feels depressed and tired after a phone call with her dad, since he always puts his decision first over hers and tries to control her. Especially if you see the drawings of her, walking slumped and depressed, I feel like I need a different mimetic word to describe the action of her walking/footsteps appropriately.

What would be the right word for it? Or is there a different meaning of "scoot" other than the one I wrote above that makes the word right fit for the scene? Thanks in advance.  

enter image description here

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    I know of no markedly different meaning for scoot and it definitely seems wrong here. Jul 8, 2022 at 7:34

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Here are some synonyms for trudge. You could look up the usage of 'plod' and 'maunder'.

'Slouch' is useful but doesn't, on its own, suggest walking.

You could focus on the adverb: walking wearily, for example.


"Trudge" is the best fit I can find, although it implies slowness and potentially exhaustion but not sadness.

The best way to convey the entire meaning is probably add an adverb like "trudge despondently".

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