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I was trying to find a word, it's not a terminal, it's not a keyboard, it's an input device with an interface built in. I am trying to find the word. I am specifically talking about the part that allows you to input commands, or whatever the buttons are supposed to do, while I also am wondering what might be the word for the whole actual thing.

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    It looks like a control panel to control the flow of aircraft at an airport. One of the labels below says "runway occupied" and another has the word "airfield".
    – Billy Kerr
    Jul 9, 2022 at 15:43

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In its broadest sense, it's a console - scroll down to the definition as a noun, not the verb. Possibly could also be termed a control panel or instrument panel, but I think console is the best description.

a surface or device with controls for electronic equipment, a vehicle, etc.: A sound engineer's console looks as complicated as the cockpit of a jet aircraft.

This is similar to the name for a small hand-held device used for gaming, but pre-dates it.

Also note the emphasis changes between the verb to console and the noun, console.


Control Panel is a thing with buttons or numbers that allow you to send signals to the device and control its behavior.

Control panel from Cambridge Dictionary

the part of a machine or system that contains its controls:

  • Type your code into the control panel to set the burglar alarm.
  • You can use the printer's control panel to select the ink color.

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