If you use iPhone, you probably know this Siri App in which you ask Siri robot a question and it will answer you.

Before you can ask a question, you have to say "Hi Siri" first or else the app will not start to work.

My daughter can say "Hi Siri" correctly without any problem in a normal conversation.

However, she is a bit nervous when she says "Hi Siri" to Siri. And she starts to "act too much" or "say it unnaturally" and as a result the app couldn't understand what she is saying.

Do we say "she acts too much" when she feels nervous and says a phrase with unnatural intonation like that?

Or is there another phrase for it?

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    I wouldn't say that she was acting (playing a part) when she speaks to the robot in an unnatural manner. Jul 13, 2022 at 13:33

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I'm not certain there's an absolute definition for this, but Siri does work best if you speak naturally to it, rather then be hesitant and over-precise. It even figures out accents pretty well.

My partner and I are both native English speakers. She has a precise, 'RP' accent, I have a comparatively rough Northern British accent. Siri understands me perfectly, yet she always struggles.
This is because she will over-enunciate and speak too slowly. I jokingly tell her Siri is neither a foreigner, deaf, nor an idiot & she doesn't need to treat it like one.

Me: Hey Siri, set timer for ten minutes. …"Ten minutes & counting…"
Her: Hey Siri… … se t. tii merr. foor. TEN min. its. …"Here is what I could find on the internet for tenmin…"

Perhaps the phrase would be to 'over-enunciate' - to be more than accurate, to be so clipped in your precision as to become unintelligible to a dumb machine which is listening for natural speech patterns.
So, "Don't over-enunciate when speaking to Siri. Speak naturally."


You sort of answered your own question:

don't be so nervous/anxious when talking to Siri!

Being nervous or anxious can cause one to pronounce words wrongly.

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