What is the meaning of the clause in the sentence below?
Is it expressing the author's love of "rainy sunday afternoons"?

I want to be with someone who dreams of doing everything in life and nothing on rainy sunday afternoons.

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It means the author wants someone who will want to sit back and relax on days like Rainy Sunday Afternoons - usually considered a time to unwind, read a book, drink a cup of tea, or just generally laze around and enjoy the weather and free time of a Sunday.

The author is using that phrase as a contrast to "doing everything in life", which means the author wants someone with whom they can experience a lot of different things, and always be busy with one thing or the next.


The author is looking for someone who enjoys having adventures and living life to its fullest most of the time, but on a rainy Sunday afternoon is happy to cuddle up on the sofa and watch rubbish on television ("doing nothing" together).

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