There is a part showing adjective order in English Grammar In Use 5th edition p.198 and it doesn't help me to get to know which one is correct; 'rainy dark day' or 'dark rainy day'. The section in Cambridge Dictionary 1 doesn't help either as I'm not sure if 'rainy' a physical quality. Which one is correct, 'rainy dark day' or 'dark rainy day'?

Note: 'Dark' is not used in figurative meaning.


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"A dark, rainy day" is correct.

"Dark" falls under the "colour" category.

"Rainy" doesn't fall under any category I usually see in adjective order lists, but I dug a bit and found this list of adjective order from Cambridge, which includes the category "type". I'd say "rainy" is a type of day, and "a dark, rainy day" is certainly the correct order.

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