Like something I've been listening for a year and want to express that the song was the one that keep me going and what should be the correct word for me to post with kept telling or keep telling what should i use?

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    "The song has kept me going all year. It keeps telling me (or has kept telling me) that everything is OK." Jul 23, 2022 at 14:51

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You can say it kept telling me or it keeps telling me. (Not it keep telling me - that would not be grammatical).

If you say it keeps telling me, that says that you are still listening and receiving the message.

If you say it kept telling me, you are choosing to focus on your experience in the past. That suggests that you are no longer listening (or no longer getting that message), but it not necessarily saying so: you may still be listening, but you are choosing to talk about the past rather than the present.

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