The baby was born in the morning of June 3.

The baby was born on the morning of June 3.

Is there any difference between the two sentences in their meanings?


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"In" seems preferable to me (native UK English speaker).

"In" implies some instant in the time period between midnight starting June 3 and midday June 3. Sometime within that 12 hour period the baby was born.

"On" is what you would use for a date. Despite the fact that a day is 24 hours in length, when used as a date in a calendar, the date is treated as a single point in time.

Hence you could say:

"the baby was born on June 3, in the morning"

and it would all sound more natural than "on the morning of..."

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    As another native UK English-speaker I think I disagree. This question was answered here. Jul 24, 2022 at 9:41

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