I have a document that has two different versions: the full version and the limited/restricted version. By limited/restricted, I mean that some sensitive information has been omitted from the full version. Now when I am using the following sentence, it seems confusing:

You can access the restricted version here. To access the full version, please submit a request.

This is confusing because usually by 'restricted version', we mean a version that only a limited number of people can access. However, I want to express that this version has limited information and is available to everyone whereas the full version is only available upon request. Is there a better way to express this? Is it not confusing at all?

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The canonical word for removing sensitive information from a document is redact. The version of the document with the information removed is called the redacted version.

These words are often used with documents which have been released by a government organization after having removed anything which could pose a security threat if revealed. This is not the only possible context for the word though: it can be used to describe the removal of sensitive business, medical, court case-related, or any other kind of information from a document.

Source: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/redact (meanings 2 and 3)


More Alternatives :

The "Abridged/Censored/Condensed/Summarized Version" is available to all.
The "Unabridged/Uncensored/Detailed Version", which includes Sensitive/Confidential Data, is available on request.

You can tweak these suitably.

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    There's a lot of similar options: edited, possibly SFW or PG (which can be used metaphorically).
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    Commented Jul 6, 2023 at 9:18

You could say publicly available or open or freely distributed version and call the one with sensitive information the restricted access or containing confidential information or just confidential.
Several other similar wordings (such as publicly distributed) would work depending on the context and exact nature of the information withheld.

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