In my language we have two different words for the list of qualifications that you'd include with a job application – on the one hand CV, and on the other hand meritförteckning. The difference between them is that whereas a CV would typically include a brief descriptive or explanatory comment on each entry in the list, the meritförteckning would only list qualifications with no further comment.

Now I'm wondering whether English makes the same kind of distinction, and, if so, what the word/phrase corresponding to meritförteckning is.

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Précis is often used for a short curriculum vitae (CV), aka résumé. However, the term précis has the general meaning of an abstract, or "executive summary".

[BTW, the use of diacritics in résumé or précis can be debated, but I prefer their use in résumé to distinguish from the verb meaning, "restart", which is pronounced differently. And some prefer use of a diaeresis in naïve and coöperate... Chacun à son goût, and avoid port wine and cheese.]

  • Thank you! Question is, though, whether these refer generally to a CV that doesn't go into much detail, so that they can be used for any brief CV, or whether they can only be used about a list of qualifications without any kind of elaboration on the various entries? When I look them up in e.g., Cambridge dictionaries, it seems that they have a rather vague meaning of 'summary', rather than specifically a list of qualifications without any further comments?
    – Helen
    Jul 25, 2022 at 11:42
  • (also, I like your sense of humour :)))
    – Helen
    Jul 25, 2022 at 11:42

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