Does the following sentence sound natural?

The quality of this olive oil is so high that after tasting it, you will consider all the olive oils you previously have had olive-flavor water or something (!) rather than genuine olive oil.

I have marked the words that I was most uncertain about in bold. Two specific questions:

1- Is the definite article "the" necessary before "olive oils you previously ..."?

2- Which one is more appropriate: "olive oils you previously have had" or "olive oils you previously had"?

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  1. The definite article is not required. You can say:

all the olive oils

all olive oils

  1. Any of these would be acceptable. Note that I added as at the end. I think it's necessary to sound natural and for clarity.

all [the] olive oil you've previously had as

all [the] olive oil you have previously had as

all [the] olive oil you previously had as

I believe that American speakers favor the last example, while non-American English speakers favor the other two.

I would also put a comma after something, but it might not be required.

as olive-flavor water or something, rather than genuine olive oil.

  • Why is "as" required? "To consider" can take an object complement. Jul 26 at 0:44

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