Present continuous tense can be used to describe Longer Actions in Progress.

The example are from Englishpage.com

I am studying to become a doctor.

I am not studying to become a dentist.

I am reading the book Tom Sawyer.

I am not reading any books right now.

Are you working on any special projects at work?

Aren't you teaching at the university now?

It seems to me that only more abstract verbs such as teach, study, work on can be used this way, but I am not sure.

Can I use other types of verbs also?

Example 1

I am manufaturing a new car model.

Example 2

We am building a new office.

Example 3

He is eating salad every friday to stay in shape.

Example 4

She is practicing English recently because she plans to go abroad.

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Yes, you can.

[The company] is manufacturing a new model. (Cars of this type are currently in production)

We are building a new office. (Work is in progress or will begin soon.)

He is eating salad every Friday. (Describes a habit.)

You can't use the present continuous with recently. Either She is practising English (currently) or She has been practising English recently.

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