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If this question is entirely answerable with a dictionary, why do the three answers given to this question differ???*****

Which of the following shows the difference?



People should open their eyes well before closing a question. My question is NOT about meaning, it is about the difference. Which dictionary and where does it show the difference? Look forward to getting the link.

What do we understand by the word 'plantation'? The act of planting trees or the place or a farm where trees are planted? Is plantation the noun form of the verb 'plant' or is 'planting' the noun form?

Which of the following is right if a campaign is driven, motivating the individuals in a city to plant saplings so that there are lots of trees in future in the city?

  1. Plantation campaign

  2. Tree-planting campaign

Note that saplings will be planted by the individuals wherever possible, not on a particular, large area.

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    "Planting" is a noun in "I helped with the planting of the crops". Note the article "the" and the of preposition phrase, both tell us that "planting" is being used as a noun in that example.
    – BillJ
    Aug 1 at 11:02

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Lexico tells us that a plantation is an area of farmed trees or other crops.

The act of planting (apart from the obvious 'tree planting') is


The cultivation of trees and shrubs.

From Lexico.

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    The OED makes it clear that plantation can refer to the act of planting - seeds or plants -sense 2a. (2004 Statesman (India) (Nexis) 6 July Mr Routray had drawn up plans for plantation of trees and creation of water bodies.) as well as a cultivated bed of either plants or trees - senses 3a and 3b. The word also has various other - some metaphorical senses.
    – WS2
    Aug 2 at 6:28
  • The usual form is "... the planting of trees ..."
    – BillJ
    Aug 3 at 13:06

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