I'm trying to think what this thing is called in English:

enter image description here

This is something that we use, in my country, to connect a tap water to water some plants.

Anyway, if I have to call it based on my current knowledge, I'd say it's a plastic tube, plastic pipe, or flexi pipe. To make it sure that I was not wrong, I looked them up.

This is what a plastic tube looks like according to Google Image:

enter image description here

Although it looks similar, I don't think this what I should call that thing. Because, to me, it more looks like a thing that connects a liquid (Ringer's Lactate) through your hand when you're at the hospital. The diameter is too small.

This is a plastic pipe

enter image description here

And this is a flexi pipe

enter image description here

The last image above is by far almost looks like the thing I want to know its name. But no, since it looks like something to dispose of water from a washing machine.

What do you call that thing in English?

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From Merriam-Webster:

2 : a flexible tube for conveying fluids (as from a faucet or hydrant)

In particular, we always use "hose" to describe the thing that we connect to a tap to water plants.

Your image looks more like plastic tubing though. This is what a typical garden hose looks like:

enter image description here



plastic-tubing example


Plastic tubing is a form of tubing that is manufactured from a mixture of a polymer and a variety of chemicals to form a material that can be solid or flexible. Source

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