So today I had to write this sentence and it came to me with this little doubt:

Fixed multiple bugs when a task has/had no date.

I'm more convinced by had, I'm saying that the bugs occurred when the task had no date (in past because the bugs no longer happen BUT maybe when you read it you suspect that the problem was a task without date and this is not the case).

And with has you get the idea that a task without date is not the real problem but instead a situation where the bugs happened.


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You are correct in your assumption about both meanings.

"Fixed multiple bugs when a task has no date." Here believe that I can choose to add a date to a task or not. When I chose not to add a date bugs would occur. I think you're talking about some task management app.

"Fixed multiple bugs when a task had no date." Here I understand that you are working on one task. In the past, when it didn't have a date, you fixed some bugs. Now, the task does have a date.

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