Rio Olympics 2016: Thiago Braz Da Silva sent Brazil into pandemonium

It's from this Web site So Thiago Braz Da Silva won the gold medal, and if I'm not mistaken, people applauded him very loudly. Well, I looked up several dictionaries including dictionary.com, OALD and Cambridge Dictionary (online) and haven't find examplary sentences with 'with pandemonium' but 'into pandemonium' really doesn't make sense to me. Why is it 'to send sb into pandemonium' ?

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    Might you be thinking of "to send something (to someone) with love / affection / thanks / best wishes / vehemence / urgency"? but to send sth with pandemonium would be highly unlikely as it is a condition a situation not a feeling.
    – Mari-Lou A
    Aug 14, 2022 at 22:43

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Pandemonium: a situation in which there is a lot of noise and confusion because people are excited, angry, or frightened (Cambridge)

So you can go into pandemonium. It means to enter into a state of wild uproar. But it isn't idiomatic to go with a state of wild uproar.


The original meaning of Pandemonium was "A place where all demons live; Hell", and we can still think of it as a state for something to be in, so "send somebody into Pandemonium" makes sense that way (though I think it's unlikely to be used of an individual person: in your exemple it is a country).

We could also say "cause pandemonium in/for" - but we wouldn't then use the verb "send", because that invokes the metaphor of sending somebody into somewhere.

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