Do we celebrate our struggle or mark it? Like, if we struggled for something for 20 years, we achieved it; after 5 years we are celebrating the achievements. We say:

Celebrating 5 years of achievement

We cannot say:

Celebrating 5 years of struggle

If we wish to mention the struggle in the punchline, can we say:

Marking 5 years of struggle

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You are correct in saying that we only celebrate something good.

If we wish to remember the anniversary of something serious or tragic, we can mark, commemorate or acknowledge it.


Kate's answer is correct, but you mentioned "punchline", which suggests this is part of a joke.

If you're joking, then it might be funny because people are expecting to hear something positive, but instead there's a negative term. Imagine it's a child's 5th birthday and one of the parents is giving a speech and includes,

Celebrating five years of struggle

It's a bit dark, but people would laugh.

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