In math classes you might be given an equation like


and a valute like x=3. In my native Danish tongue I could now say one of the following:

Vis ved indsættelse, at x=3 er en løsning.

Vis ved at gøre prøve, at x=3 er en løsning.

These directly translate to:

Show by insertion that x=3 is a solution.

Show by testing that x=3 is a solution.

Are this direct/literal translations correct? Is "show by insertion" meaningful for this purpose? Obviously the point is that the given value should be input in place of the x in the equation, but is this phrase how an English speaker would refer to such an action?

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You can use the verb substitute.

An example is on this basic math page math is fun:

In Algebra "Substitution" means putting numbers where the letters are:
When we have: x − 2
And we know that x = 6 ...
then we can "substitute" 6 for x:
6 − 2 = 4

So the translation is (in your example)

Show by substitution that x=3 is a solution.

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