What does 'few heads between them' mean? The context is an old story where the sentence continues like this:

"... and they had eaten that down to a few heads between them, a sorry prospect in a place where even a handful of prishoc weed was not to be had without sowing it."

The site where the text appears is e.g. this but similar ones can easily be found with a Google search.


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The fragment you quoted consists of two separate parts:

"Between them" in this case refers to a summarized count of something within a group of people.

Tom brought two cakes, and Luci brought three. They had five cakes between them.

Last Friday, our bowling club went to a restaurant, and their card reader was broken. The bill was 50$, but we only brought 45$ between us in cash. I had to run over to the next ATM.

The other part is "down to a few heads". This basically means that the count or the amount of something was reduced to the new number given.

On the weekend, we bought a big box of cookies. But since, the children ate the cookies down to a few crumbs.

In your example sentence, the group ate cabbage. They between them ate most of the cabbage available, so only a few heads of cabbage remain. They between them ate the cabbage down to a few heads.

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