My friend told me

Only 4 people out of 35 have been able to complete the Quiz till now

I replied

A lot of people are left

Is that a correct answer/English?
What I meant to say is that many people have yet to complete the Quiz. Is the use of left correct here?

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This is more a question about whether your answer was clear.

And it's not, although your meaning can be inferred from the context.

The same would be true if you said: That leaves a lot of people meaning, That leaves a lot of people to complete it, or A lot of people are left to complete it, which is fine.

If this is about a disagreement with your friend, the answer is that s/he should have understood exactly what you meant.

  • Thanks a lot. My friend didn't understand what I meant. I thought maybe I was using incorrect English. But he should have inferred from the context since we were talking about i.
    – nicku
    Aug 30, 2022 at 15:59

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