I have a question about the following sentence:

Analyzed large amounts of data from multiple sources using descriptive and inferential statistics.

Is amounts right here or do I have to write amount?

In parallel, is using data sets and datasets indifferent? I understand that data sets is the correct form, but nowadays, especially in the technical field, datasets is commonly used. It's correct?

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A noun may be uncountable in some circumstance, yet countable in others.

  • There are many fish in the lake. [uncountable]
  • Perch and bass are fishes found there. [countable, because there are different types of fish]
  • The water in Rio Negro* is dark from humic acid and tannins. [uncountable]
  • The Meeting of Waters (Encontro das Águas) is the confluence of Rio Negro and Amazon. [countable, because these are two different sources]

Because there are multiple data sources, I'd use the plural, amounts. If it were one humongous data set, e.g., the census data for India, then I'd use amount.

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