I will have been studying English for many years now. I have been playing computer games to study English.

I have walked through the game to the scenario as in the picture below.

enter image description here

It contains a sentence which I cannot understand.

The sentence is

Say, looks like you got some replacements for Cyrus!

What does the sentence mean?


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It means that Frog (or Glenn) has brought new friends instead of Cyrus.

  • say is a colloquial or informal way to start a conversation (see "Beginning a question with 'Say' " in the English Language and Usage StackExchange)

  • sometimes in informal speech speakers omit pronouns like it. So read a dummy-it as the subject of looks: "[it] looks like..."

  • someone might say "it looks like" to make an observation. For instance, you could say to someone late to work, "It looks like you are late," or, more informally, "Looks like you are late."

  • "you got some replacements" - got is acting as a verb meaning obtained or found.

  • "some replacements for Cyrus" refers to how Glenn's current companions (Crono, Marle) replace (take the place of) Glenn's old companion, Cyrus. In this case, for denotes who was replaced.

  • I got it. Thank you very much. I don't really understand the word some replacements, but now I know. Aren't you also play the game ?
    – tcvduc
    Commented Sep 20, 2022 at 12:24

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