Although it is widely disseminated that "neither", as well as "either" is singular, I bring you the following sentence:

I'm not a good person, and neither is they.

I don't know why, but "is" sounds me a bit odd.

Should I continue with "is" or use "are"?

Thank you all. 0/

ps: I'm a good person, btw ahaha.

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"They" is the subject, and not "neither". The pronoun is plural Had you written it in the opposite order, it would have been, "They are not good persons, and neither am I."

Some examples for clarification:

  • Neither Tom nor Eve is in class. [both sing.]
  • Neither cloves nor salt is in the recipe. [noun closest to verb is sing., and to me, the sing. verb form is needed]
  • Neither salt nor cloves are in the recipe. [noun closest to verb is pl., and to me, the pl. verb form is needed]
  • Thank you, Dr.Moishe. It's clearer now. Take care. Sep 23, 2022 at 2:20

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