I'm wodering what the difference is below sentences.

  1. It was a shock for him.

  2. It was a shock to him.

  1. He was unkind to me.

  2. He was unkind for me.

  • Questions seem wrong...
    – Sam
    Sep 23 at 12:15
  • thanks. I've changed it now
    – James
    Sep 23 at 12:32
  • This would seem to be within the usual sense of "for" and "to" There is clearly some overlap in meaning. I'd suggest you take something like the definitions of [for](oronavirus.data.gov.uk) and to in Wiktionary and see if you can find a definition that fits. But I think the sense are different in the first set and second set. Finally, these are probably ambiguous without context, although one could guess the most likely context.
    – James K
    Sep 23 at 20:59


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