I was wondering to know what kind of grammar has been used in the below sentence in regards to being+ing. How should I make this kind of sentence?

The strike led to classes being cancelled for about 500,000 of Oklahoma's 700,000 public school students.

  • There is no "being + ing" in that sentence. Do you mean, "being + ed"?
    – gotube
    Sep 26, 2022 at 22:21

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There is a prepostional phrase "to classes being cancelled" and the object of the preposition is a participle phrase, headed by the participle "being". The word "classes" is the subject of that participle and "cancelled" is the complement. The word cancelled is a passive participle.

This isn't a special pattern to learn, its just building up a clause from lots of simple blocks. The verb "led" has a prepositional phrase as its complement. The prepositional phrase has a gerund/participle as its object The gerund participle has a subject, and a verb in the passive voice.

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