It's a clip from a cartoon Rick&Morty, with the link down below.

After Jerry (Morty's father) stroke struck the monster (don't exactly know what that's called) down with a poker, he said this:

Well, look where being smart got you.

What does it mean? to whom he said?

Could you please help me to understand more about lines like this one?


  • Being 'smart' (clever) didn't help the monster. Your link doesn't show enough of the cartoon for me to know in what way the monster had been smart and why it was a disadvantage. (BTW, he struck the monster down - that's the past tense of strike.) Sep 28, 2022 at 8:22

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"Look where [something] got you" is an idiomatic phrase, usually said disparagingly, and it serves to highlight the (bad) results or consequences of something you did.

In your example, the inference is that 'being smart' resulted in something bad. Perhaps it was said in response to a suggestion that they had done something 'stupid', to point out that their way was no better.

  • it could just be something you say when you are clubbing something to death, like 'put that that in your pipe and smoke it' or 'here's something to think about', etc. Sep 28, 2022 at 18:54

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