I know that questions starting with who don't need auxiliaries. But what about the question How many people take part in this event?. It's not a WHO-question, why don't we use there DO?

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Two things.

First, the rule for "who" applies equally to all "wh-" questions, including who, what, when, where, why, how, which, how much, how many etc.

Second, it is not true that "who" questions don't have auxiliaries:

Who did you see at the party?
Who do you think will win the election?
Who does the cooking in your home?

The rule is that questions where the "wh-" word is the subject do not use auxiliary verbs, and otherwise do:

Who likes ice cream?
What is your name?
How much sugar spilled?

In your sentence, "how many people" is the subject of the sentence, so it requires no auxiliary verb.

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