Is "confined" a good adjective to describe places like buses, rooms, buildings, taxies and etc. What are other alternatives?

For example if I say

You should wear masks in indoor places.

it only includes inside buildings (based on Cambridge Dictionary).

Does the following sentence convey the intended meaning?

You should wear masks in confined places/spaces.

What are the other alternatives (especially an adjective + noun) to saying that? I appreciate it if you could both suggest formal and less formal alternatives (confined seem formal to me).

At first, "confined space" seemed a very good choice to me but on the wikipedia, it has been written that

A confined space is a space with limited entry and egress and not suitable for human inhabitants.

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    Confined spaces is the usual expression. Commented Oct 17, 2022 at 16:39
  • See Air Quality in Airplane Cabins and Similar Enclosed Spaces for another very common usage. Both "enclosed" and "confined" can imply anything from restricted access for people, vehicles, etc. to hermetically sealed; little or no scope for even gases to move in or out. Commented Oct 17, 2022 at 17:14

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Confined space is a very good choice for places where you should wear a mask, or not do things that pollute the atmosphere. (e.g. use aerosols.)

You could use 'enclosed', or 'restricted', for the adjective and 'areas' or 'locations', for the noun.

I would say, though, that 'confined/enclosed spaces' is the best choice - it is neither formal, nor informal, and some other options could sound forced.

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